The Wachau .
The best vineyards
for producing
great wines.

Some call it picturesque.
We think there’s no more beautiful place to work
than in the Wachau

Historic towns. The freely flowing Danube. And a highly distinctive landscape, marked by thousands of dry stone walls and terraced vineyards. That’s the Wachau. Along just a 15 kilometre stretch, grapes are cultivated in more than 100 single vineyards – most with Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.

The soil that
yields great wines.

Vigorous vines, robust grapes, great wines: everything begins with the soil.

Here the Wachau offers surprising variety. Varieties of gneiss, loess, amphibolite and Danube sediment soil dominate in the eastern Wachau, the home of our vineyards.

We know: the soil is a defining factor in our wines. That’s why we do our utmost to let the soil express its vitality and complexity.

Not just the vineyard
is important.
Also even the site
within the vineyard.

One valley with two
climate zones abounding
in microclimates.

Big wines and big rivers: the two go hand in hand. The Danube helps shape the Wachau’s climate. The river regulates the climate, by day absorbing warmth that is given off at night, while funnelling the winds entering the valley.

The periphery of the Pannonian climate to the east and the moderate Atlantic climate from the west meet in the Wachau. Still, microclimate can vary sharply from one site to another, and generalisations don’t always hold true.

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