Reaping inspiration from all over the planet.
With feet planted firmly in the soil of the Wachau.

Some bark for attention.
Others, like Alzinger, feature finesse.

Our Wachau? It has a mineral taste, and is precise and nuanced. We seek to make wines that are subtle and special, never to be forgotten.

We want our Grüner Veltliners and Rieslings to reflect their origin. In the Wachau. And in its steep terraced slopes – including the choicest vineyards at Dürnstein and Unterloiben.

You don’t make
wine alone.
For good reason.

Leo Alzinger and
Katharina Alzinger-Kittel

Sometimes I get lost in detail, Leo confesses. Because only precision hand-crafting renders precision wines.

oversees sales and
tastings – and
manages the

Our Wachau:
the Wachau of today

Open to the world at large but true to its roots: that’s how we see the Wachau. We enjoy life here – and equally enjoy travelling to harvest impressions. From other wines, other cuisines or from architecture. Many are the potential sources Many are the potential sources of inspiration.

Pioneer and role model: Leo Alzinger sen.

In the early 1980s, Leo Alzinger began
producing special wines, emphasising their origin and letting them tell their stories in precise detail. Then unheard of in the Wachau. Today we are proud to have been among the pioneers envisioning a cool, precise style of wine.

Clarity and precision.
Leo Alzinger senior led the way.

Our goal:
to show you what makes
our vineyards special.

From pruning the vines in January to selective harvesting later in the year. Countless tasks are dedicated to a single goal: showing you what makes our single vineyards special. The Wachau in all its diversity – presented with clarity and conciseness That’s Alzinger.

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